NOUN PGD Financial Management Course Materials – Download Now


We are happy to sort the latest list of NOUN PGD Financial Management Course Materials. Students can check out the courses and download so as to read on their mobile or print.

Code Course Title Level Status
ACC757 Principles of Accounting 700 Core
BFN737 Micro and Small Business Financing 700 Core
FMS731 Research Methodology 700 Core
BFN721 Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management 700 Core
ECO719 Micro-Economic Theory I 700 Core
BFN715 Principles of Finance 700 Core
BFN779 Public Financial Management 700 Core
GST707 The Good Study Guide 700 Core
BFN790 Research project 700 Core
BFN748 Financial Institutions and Market 700 Core
BFN740 Regulations of Financial Institutions 700 Core
BFN732 Business Finance 700 Core
MKT730 Fundamentals of Marketing 700 Core
BFN728 Quantitative Techniques for Financial Decisions 700 Core
ECO718 Macro-Economic Theory I 700 Core
BUS714 Principles of Management 700 Core
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