NOUN Master of Public Administration Course Materials – Download Now


We are happy to sort the latest list of NOUN Master of Public Administration Course Materials. Students can check out the courses and download so as to read on their mobile or print.

Code Course Title Level Status
MPA853 International Administration 800 Elective
BUS847 Global Economic Environment 800 Elective
MPA843 E-Governance in the Public Sector 800 Core
MPA871 Public Personnel Management 800 Core
BUS831 Organizational Behaviour and Theory 800 Core
FMS825 Research Methodology 800 Core
GST807 The Good Study Guide 800 Core
MPA858 Development Planning, Project Preparation and Implementation 800 Elective
MPA856 Urban and Regional Planning 800 Elective
MPA870 Local Government Administration 800 Elective
MPA812 Intergovernmental Relations 800 Elective
MPA854 Public Enterprise Management 800 Elective
MPA868 Comparative Public Administration 800 Core
BFN852 Public Financial Management 800 Core
PUL844 Administrative Law 800 Core
MPA810 Public Policy Analysis 800 Core
BUS811 Diversity and Conflict Management 800 Elective
MPA855 Performance Measurement and Management 800 Elective
MPA807 Development administration theory 800 Core
MPA890 Project/Dissertation 800 Core
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