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We are happy to sort the latest list of NOUN English Course Materials. Students can check out the courses and download so as to read on their mobile or print.

Course Code Course Title Level Status
GST107 The Good Study Guide 100 Core
GST105 History & Philosophy of Science 100 Core
GST101 Use of English & Communication Skills I 100 Core
FRE101 Basic French Grammar I 100 Elective
LIN111 Introduction to Linguistics I 100 Core
ENG181 Introduction to Fiction 100 Core
ENG141 Spoken English 100 Core
ENG161 Theatre Workshop 100 Core
ENG113 Introduction to Nigerian Literature I 100 Core
ENG111 An Introduction to Literature and Literary Criticism 100 Elective
ENG121 Structure of Modern English I 100 Core
CSS111 Introduction to Sociology 100 Elective
CIT101 Computers In Society 100 Core
GST102 Use of English & Communication Skills II 100 Core
FRE102 Basic French Grammar and Composition II 100 Elective
LIN112 Introduction to Linguistics II 100 Core
ENG151 Introduction to English as a Second Language 100 Core
ENG122 Structure of Modern English II 100 Core
ENG114 Introduction to Nigerian Literature II 100 Core
ENG162 Elements of Drama 100 Core
CIT102 Software Application Skills 100 Core
JLS111 Introduction to Journalism 200 Elective
GST203 Introduction to Philosophy and Logic 200 Core
ENG241 Introduction to Phonetics & Phonology 200 Core
ENG223 Advanced English Composition 1 200 Core
ENG221 Introduction to Syntactic Models 200 Core
ENG251 200 Core
ENG211 History of the English Language 200 Core
GST202 Fundamentals of Peace Studies & Conflict Resolutions 200 Core
MAC212 Media and Society 200 Elective
ENG226 English Morphology 200 Core
ENG222 Advanced English Syntax 200 Core
ENG281 The African Novel 200 Core
ENG224 Advanced English Composition II 200 Core
ENG212 Creative Writing I 200 Core
ENG312 Creative Writing II 300 Elective
ENG311 Research Methods 300 Core
ENG353 English Language in Nigeria 300 Core
ENG351 Introduction to Applied Linguistics 300 Core
ENG321 Contemporary English Usage 300 Core
ENG355 Introduction to Sociolinguistics 300 Core
ENG316 Communication for Business 300 Core
INR332 War and Peace in West Africa since 1960 300 Elective
ENG352 Discourse Analysis 300 Core
ENG341 The Phonology of English 300 Core
ENG314 Public Speaking 300 Core
ENG331 Introduction to Semantics 300 Core
ENG421 New Trends in Syntax 400 Core
ENG491 Psycholinguistics 400 Core
ENG453 Language and National Development 400 Core
ENG411 English for Specific Purposes 400 Core
ENG454 Multilingualism 400 Core
ENG434 Literary Stylistics 400 Core
ENG432 Pragmatics 400 Core
ENG418 Project/Long Essay 400 Core
ENG416 Creative Writing III 400 Elective
ENG414 Speech Writing 400 Core
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